The Skinny on Ketosis: Why MCT’s are the Ultimate Energy Shot

Posted  09/26/17 in Blog

Ketosis may be the internet’s newest diet trend, but it’s rooted in a process our bodies have known about for millennia.

Food provides fuel for the “engine” that keeps us running. But the type of fuel we choose—namely, whether we rely on carbohydrates or fat—has a big impact on how we feel.

The ketogenic diet has gotten some well-deserved attention lately as folks discover that fat is an incredible source of long-lasting energy. Yep, we said fat!


How Keto Works

Here’s the skinny: most of us are familiar with the USDA’s MyPlate, or even the old Food Pyramid, both of which emphasize carbohydrates from whole grains as the most important part of our diets.

Add to that plate (or pyramid) our tendency to choose carbohydrate-rich snacks like energy bars, chips or candy when we’re tired, and it’s easy to see that most of us are burning carbohydrates for energy. That’s not ideal.

Carbs provide our cells with a quick burst of energy that’s easily expended. When we burn through the sugar in our bloodstream, we’re left depleted and searching for that next shot of sweetness. That’s why those 5-hour shots, sugary sodas and candy bars are so popular.

A ketogenic diet takes us off the hamster wheel by encouraging our bodies to burn fat for fuel.

It’s named for ketones, compounds produced by the process of burning that fat for fuel. Ketogenic diets aren’t only great for weight loss and cognitive function —they’re a powerful way to dump your energy highs and lows for good.


Fueling Ketosis

Wonder Fuel’s tasty MCT-based drinks were designed to help you power through your day with fat! Our modern formulations are based on ancient wisdom, since our ancestors knew that the combination of fat and caffeine creates sustained mental clarity and energy that truly lasts.

How can MCT’s help your fat-burning pursuits? We like to think of them as a workaround that works in our busy lives.

For most people, a ketogenic diet is achieved through very low carb (Up to 50g but often less than 30g per day) diets. Achieving this level of low-carb dedication represents a steep learning curve. And while clinical trials show Ketogenic diets have great therapeutic benefits for neurological conditions like Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s Disease, a true ketogenic diet may not be necessary for most of us.

This is where MCT’s come in. Adding MCT’s to your diet can jump-start or prolong your body’s fat-burning process. MCT’s bypass our body’s glucose production and are quickly used as fuel, rather than stored as energy. Wonder Fuel offers quick cellular energy, any time of day, no matter who you are!


Fat-Burning Fuel

If you’re looking for an easy entry point to this whole keto thing, try replacing your morning cereal or smoothie with the brain-boosting MCT’s in Wonder Fuel Coffee!

Supplemental MCT’s like those in Wonder Fuel allow you to achieve all the amazing cognitive benefits of burning fat for fuel without complete adherence to a strict low-carb protocol.

You’ll be surprised by the amazing mental clarity that comes along with ditching traditional energy drinks for the clean, natural fuel of MCT’s. We can’t wait to hear how it changes your life!