Four Totally Unexpected Uses for Coconut Oil

Posted  10/25/17 in Blog

At Wonder FUEL, we’re completely enamored of coconut oil. You probably know that coconut oil-based MCT’s are the magic energy source in our signature drinks. But you might not know about these other totally unexpected uses for coconut oil! While coconut oil is a fantastic functional brain food, it’s also a wonderful ingredient for natural […]


How the Ancient Wisdom of MCT Oil Benefits Your Mind

Posted  10/5/17 in Blog

Let’s talk about how the ancient wisdom of MCT oil benefits your mind in big ways. They provide clean energy, stabilize blood sugar and help us power through our busy lives. MCT’s might be the hottest health kids on the block, but they certainly aren’t the newest. In fact, they’re one of the oldest “energy […]


The Skinny on Ketosis: Why MCT’s are the Ultimate Energy Shot

Posted  09/26/17 in Blog

Ketosis may be the internet’s newest diet trend, but it’s rooted in a process our bodies have known about for millennia. Food provides fuel for the “engine” that keeps us running. But the type of fuel we choose—namely, whether we rely on carbohydrates or fat—has a big impact on how we feel. The ketogenic diet […]


Yoga Fuel: Boost Your Energy from Downward Dog to Savasana

Posted  09/15/17 in Blog

Yoga and coconut oil are pretty much a match made in heaven. No, we’re not just talking about lathering up your skin after a good hot yoga session. Our coconut oil-based MCT drinks are inspired by our founder’s studies of Ayurveda, a discipline rooted in the same ancient systems of Indian knowledge as yoga. As […]


Coconut Oil Controversy: Why MCT’s Are Still on The Menu

Posted  09/8/17 in Blog

After a popular USA Today article declared last month that coconut oil has “never been healthy,” the internet is abuzz with coconut oil controversy (and confusion!). And we get it. Saturated fat has borne the brunt of negative nutrition press over the past 4 decades. Even though the connection between saturated fat and heart disease […]